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The "Jungle to Jungle Connection"

Ecoagents creates partnerships between major corporations and indigenous tribes in the Amazon rainforest, helping to ensure that business agreements are understood clearly by the Tribes, with a win/ win result - corporations' stocks rise benefiting share holders and providing needed natural resources to the civilized world, while, due to smart negotiations, ecological disasters and spills are prevented and operations are monitored, using less money and efforts to maintain a clean, virgin jungle environment. In a simple "better safe than sorry" approach, Ecoagents helps to ensure that the jungles fulfill their true, natural purpose - purifying the oxygen of the world.

Ecoagents provides informational assistance and education to the Amazonian natives and individuals who wish to know more or become proactive in aiding this cause, creating a bridge of knowledge from jungle to jungle. This approach is the best method of ensuring the planet's health and valance for the future of humanity.

The natives who live in the Rainforest are the key to the preservation of the Rainforest as they rely on the health of the rainforests for sustenance and survival. Also these jungles are the key to survival for the natives' natural customs and traditions.

Most Native tribes have little to no previous knowledge of their land and property rights, or of the laws that can save their people and the forests from destruction. Ecoagents' members travel deep into the rainforests to meet with the tribes in order to educate and share knowledge about their rights, benefits and ways of conducting business with the outside world, preventing them from signing away their land and their rights inadvertently. Remaining in the forest, these natives will protect this beautiful natural jungle for the future of mankind.

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Ecoagents Current Work in the Amazon

Ecoagents is presently operating in the province of Paztaza Ecuador, which borders Peru, working with the communities located on the Curaray River, a tributary of the Amazon River.

Ecoagents' efforts have been immensely successful. So far, Ecoagents has helped to protect 30,000 square acres of pristine jungle along the Curaray river.

Educating the tribes about their own rights
We are currently assisting the Curaray communities (Quechua) with the creation of a full time operating base in the town of Shell, which will provide legal advice to members of the surrounding, indigenous communities. Ecoagents' believes that one day, every single indigenous tribe member may have access to knowledge that will empower them and help ensure their culture not only survives but flourishes. After the creation of the legal office in Shell, we intend to expand our efforts establishing THE INSTITUTE OF AMAZONIAN TRIBAL RIGHTS, a network of such offices, located in Brazil and Bolivia, forming a triangle, and expanding throughout the entire Amazon Rainforest -creating a solid base of knowledge for the communities.

Create Self Sufficiency
Ecoagents is constantly creating ways for the tribes to become self sufficient, so that they will not need to be reliant on false economic incentives. We are currently organizing an artisan workshop with women of the Amazonian Tribes and setting up a distribution network for their artwork, making it available for sale in the United States.

Support for the children
Ecoagents provides education to indigenous children, familiarizing them with the English language. In the near future it will be necessary for the natives to know English in order to understand the international environmental court of law.


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