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Why is it important to be concerned with our ecosystem?

As globalization progresses, every single person in the world is effected by the destruction of nature. The Rainforest is implemental balancing and continuing to maintain and heal our ecosystem. Ecoagents educates people with the intent that modern, destructive patterns may be assuaged and even reversed. It is our mission and the duty of every human to ensure that the Rainforest remains healthy for generations to come.

Ecoagents' educational efforts with the people of the Quechua tribe of the Amazon Rainforest have been extremely successful up to this point. Ecoagents' next goal is expansion throughout South America to create greater impact on the environment. There is much more work to be done and it will be through funds and your support that will make it possible to save the Amazon Rainforest.

Donations may be made by check and payable to Ecoagents and mailed to the address below. Donations are tax deductible.

318 East 70th St.
New York, NY 10021

Become an Ecoagent

Ecoagents welcomes new volunteers each year. Become an Ecoagent and you will have the opportunity to make a difference and save the green areas of our planet.

Volunteer at Home- be an Eco-blogger, send encouraging and informative emails to inspire others about being ecological. Help us educate the world about ECO-TO-GO.

If you would like to become an Ecoagent, send a few lines about why you will be a great ECOAGENT to info@ecoagents.org .

Adopt an Eco Lifestyle.

Ecoagents has a fresh new approach - Adopt an Eco Lifestyle. By doing this each individual has the opportunity to stop damage and destruction to nature immediately. Humanity depends on us; promptly adopt an Eco Lifestyle, which is one of the coolest and healthiest lifestyle codes to live by.

Eco-morality:  Eco-morality means living with a constant awareness of the effects of our daily actions upon the environment. In order for the planet to support life in the future, we must adopt an eco-moral conscience. All other creatures in the animal kingdom practice Eco-morality. Why not US? Every individual in the world has the power to impact a worldwide trend of positive, Eco-Behavior.
Simple Steps To Take

Eco To Go

When you order food delivery, it arrives in a bag and it comes with a couple of paper bags, innumerable napkins, plastic knifes, forks, a couple of plastic containers with different sauces and another copy of the menu - after your meal, all will be waste.

The solution:  Advise the restaurant attendant that you want your order to be "ECO TO GO" which means they will send the food in its container in a bag, no extras, as you have all you need at home (you may need to educate the attendant). When everyone begins doing this we will be saving hundreds, thousands or millions of acres of pristine Rainforests - Simple, right?

STEP 1:  Starting today Just Say "ECO TO GO!" This is becoming a popular, ecologically friendly expression. The "Eco To Go" movement is an ideal based on principals of respect for nature.
"ECO TO GO" FOR MAIL ORDERS this expression may as well be used when ordering food, electronics, clothing, silverware etc. - in general everything. So when the person ordering says the phrase "ECO TO GO", the MINIMUM amount of packaging, wrapping, peanuts, plastic, styrofoam etc. will be used or included with the order. Therefore saving hundreds of pounds of paper and plastic from going straight into the garbage, reducing the carbon footprint of all participants and saving millions of trees from being cut down to produce the raw materials.

Use less paper products of all kinds. This is destroying the trees, which purify the air we breathe. A nice alternative may be a handkerchief, get creative.

STEP 2:  Choose DURABILITY OVER EASY DISPOSAL   Any time we are faced to acquire or buy something make a conscious and educated choice with the intention that the object that will last for long time. Choose an object that you will be able to use again and again, and maybe pass to your children and grandchildren, this way you will get a lot of mileage out of you purchase. Choose something that will make you proud of your efforts to save the natural resources of the planet, something that will contribute to reversing the destruction and something that will help our generation to shake off our label of a disposable generation.

STEP 3:  Re-Use Your Plastics    Give multiple lives to all plastic items. Plastic comes from oil and once it is back on the earth, disrupts the eternal evolution of the soil making it sterile forever.

STEP 4:  Stop Junk Mail.    Tips: keep mail and call mail sender, contact credit unions - equifax, transunion, experian, tell them you are opting out so they won't give your address to any one. Call credit card companies and give out email address instead of mailing address. Opt for online banking.

STEP 5:  Drive Less.    Other alternatives walking, biking, carpools, taking mass transit. You'll save 1 pound of carbon dioxide for every mile you don't drive.

STEP 6:  Recycle - Take responsibility

STEP 7:  Use Less Energy - Conserve hot water, Adjust thermostat

STEP 8:  Plant a tree and take a deep breath

STEP 9:  Take Action - Think Eco-integrity, and defend your Eco-rights

Donate Time

Talk to people and inspire them. It is easy to do with Mother Nature as our muse, the beauty of nature is limitless. We all belong to the Earth and we have a responsibility to take care of it.

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