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We are a nonprofit organization created to defend and protect the Amazon Rainforest, its people and ancient culture from damage, pollution, and further destruction. Ecoagents was founded in 1999, when Fabian Lliguin began conducting educational work with indigenous communities in Ecuador- province of Napo, deep in the Amazon Rainforest along the Curaray River.
Founder- Fabian Lliguin

Fabian Lliguin is a native Ecuadorian of Incan descendant with a deep-rooted relationship to the Amazon Rainforest and its Indigenous communities.

The catalyst for the founding of Ecoagents was a very personal experience, which magnified for Mr. Lliguin the verity of the current threats facing this invaluable section of the Earth.

As a child, Fabian Lliguin’s family visited a small town called Shell Mera. He and his family discovered a natural pool of water carved by Mother Nature from a solid rock. Two streams fed the natural pool; one pure, cool and crystal clear from the Andes and the second with warm mineral water from a volcanic hot spring. This lukewarm pool was surrounded by the most amazing variety of orchids, leaves, exotic fruits, trees, and beautiful birds. The young Indians of the local community had also made this their recreational “spot". It was a picture perfect paradise. At that moment, the young Mr. Lliguin fell in love with the beauty and life of the rainforest.

Several years later, in his 20's, he returned to the spot so cherished in his childhood memories, only to find the pool filled with concrete and surrounded by dust and dry land. This piece of paradise unfortunately lay on the path to progress. An oil company had literally built heavily trafficked work- path directly through the epicenter. The land and wildlife were completely destroyed, and the natives pushed out. It was a sad day. However, at this moment Mr. Lliguin made a commitment to preserving the Amazon rainforest for its people and for future generations of the world.

Vice President- Anna Ayers

Anna Ayers has a background in trend forecasting and fashion design. She has worked for such prestigious companies such as Talbots, Trend Union and others.

Anna’s career as an ecoagent began in 2003. Working in the Amazon jungle as well as the concrete jungle of New York as a gifted trend forecaster, Anna has brought forward new ecological concepts in the quest to preserve the Amazon Rainforest, its people and ancient cultures.

Ayers' applies her skills for trend forecasting when working with communications between private corporations and the native tribes, pinpointing specific needs of tribe members to provide proper supplies to volunteers in the field. Through Ecoagents she helps educate the tribes about their land rights and benefits, so that they have the knowledge to protect themselves, their lifestyle, the Amazon Rainforest, and ultimately the future of mankind.

As corporations begin to “go green”, Anna has foreseen a shift toward the increased use of raw, symbiotic materials. A large percentage of these materials will be harvested from the Amazon Jungle. Anna is preparing Quechua tribes’ members for the consequences of this shift. Educating them on supply and demand logistics, harvesting expenses, the relationship between quality and price, as well as the environmental consequences of various techniques of harvesting, Anna has enabled the members of the indigenous tribes to hold their future and the future of their invaluable environment in their own hands.

"True beauty in life is undeniable, beauty is designed by nature. True beauty lies in the Amazon", states Ayers.