“Every little thing that I used was taken away from nature, and when it was trashed, it was tossed back and contaminated the environment. These little things are destroying nature in one way or another,”

states Fabian Lliguin, Founder, Ecoagents.

Be Aware of your own consumption and TRASH disposal

Entire forests from Brazil to Alaska have been destroyed, and worldwide environmental contamination threatens ecosystems across the globe. It is the classic struggle of man against nature; Germany’s Black Forest battles deforestation, European and Asian rivers are polluted, tigers around the globe are endangered as is Galapagos wild life, and pollution-related disease in Africa is rampant. Trash is contaminating everything; visual prove is undeniable. Many people say pollution is simply the cost of progress and ultimately profit. But the cost is too high and you can help change it by becoming a Conscious Product Consumer.

the old and the new Way of progress . . . .

For many, many years, humans exploited Mother Earth in the name of progress and it’s profitable benefits.  Contaminating nature was not our objective, but in the past, we didn’t know the effect of progress on the environment.

However, now we know. Today, we can no longer ignore the environmental damage. It’s time to learn from the recent past and start cleaning up our act, either, little by little, or, if you are ready, fully commit to eco-change. Just do it; you write the rules; become an eco-warrior.

Let’s clean the environment and relieve our consciences. Humans are the only self-aware creatures on the earth; be aware and exercise your natural and animal rights. After all, humans are the most brilliant members of the animal kingdom—as the alpha species, we have a great responsibility.



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