Empowering Preservation through Symbiotic® Certification

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Symbiotic® Certification Standards by Ecoagents

To bear the Symbiotic® Certification a cosmetic product must adhere to the below guidelines and regulations:

  • A product must be completely made from plant-based ingredients
  • Product must at minimum be made with one Symbiotic® ingredient
  • Symbiotic® ingredient must be purchased from an authorized Symbiotic® Seller

To inquire about the possibility of obtaining Symbiotic®Certification contact: ecoagent1@gmail.com (serious candidates only).

Symbiotic® Ingredients and Certification

For an ingredient to be certified as a Symbiotic®, an ingredient must adhere to the following guidelines and regulations:

  • Ingredient must be entirely made from plants and flora grown wild deep in the forest
  • Ingredient must be handmade by Native Tribes and Peoples (the use of heavy machinery is prohibited)
  • Native Tribes and Peoples must receive monetary compensation at least three times fair trade prices
  • Ingredient must be purchased from authorized sellers only

As our world becomes smaller, and individuals can travel around the globe in less than 80 days, there are insurmountable challenges and threats that arise when civilization is pitted against nature. The Amazon and all of the world’s Rainforests are occupying a critical position of importance in the fight against climate change, thus, these challenges need to be confronted face on, and resolved ASAP. If we do not act, nature will not be able to produce the appropriate amount of oxygen (in parts per million) for humans to remain healthy while pollution creeps into people’s veins like the rivers, lakes, oceans, and the surrounding air we breathe. The trees in the Amazon purify the air. The Jungle is our filtering friend – our literal bodyguard. We must protect it and save it from invasion, contamination, and destruction.

Governments have not been able to protect the natural environment as petroleum, logging, and agricultural companies try to stake their claims to the pristine Rainforest. Now, even more industries are headed to the world’s forests to strip them of resources without limitation. These new players may wreak irreversible havoc even if it’s not their intention.

To avoid this foreseeable destruction and all its negative effects, Ecoagents has devised a contingency plan, the SYMBIOTICⓇ CERTIFICATION, with the sole charge of protecting the Amazon and the Rainforests of the world.

The SymbioticⓇ certification is now available to serious nature protectors and advocates that want to invest in preserving the untouched jungles – its native people, its cultures, and the original medicinal plant source on the planet. Your help is urgently needed here. Mother Earth needs you to plant and protect as many trees as you can in your lifetime for the future of our world.

To inquire about the possibility of purchasing Symbiotic® Ingredients contact ecoagent1@gmail.com (serious candidates only).

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