During the last Ecoagents trip into the rainforest we witnessed much destruction, but left with hope and a positive message for the future.

View the Video: Ecuador: Oil Eating Mushrooms

"When spills happen in the oil-rich Ecuadorian rainforest, it poisons streams and lakes. But fungi may help the cleanup effort."


Our Mission

Ecoagents is committed to protecting the Amazon Rainforest and empowering its indigenous communities who rely on the rainforest for sustenance and survival.

By working directly with the native tribes, establishing a fair dialogue between the indigenous communities and corporations who seek to conduct business with them, Ecoagents provides the possibility for profitable, eco-friendly businesses solutions.

Ecoagents provides educational tools, which enable indigenous people to not only sustain their way of life, but to ensure the livelihood of their future generations. By empowering the very people whose most valuable resource is the invaluable wildlife of the Amazon rainforest, Ecoagents serves to preserve and protect the rainforests for the future generations of the world.


- Educating Native Tribes as to their property rights through lectures, classes, workshops, and meetings.

- Creating a fair dialogue between the Native Tribes and Global Corporations through an informational network of translators and volunteers.

- Meeting with corporations and providing informational tools that might allow them to maintain profitable businesses that work for the world in its present and ever changing state, while also preserving the ecological integrity of the Amazon rainforest.