The mission of Ecoagents® is to preserve the natural environment of the Amazon Rainforest by empowering the local indigenous communities—people who rely on the rainforest for sustenance and survival.

  • Keep Trees Standing

    Ecoagents® is preserving pristine jungles.We do this by supporting indigenous cultures and traditions to remain alive and thriving. Rainforest-centric knowledge keeps the trees standing, the animals and creatures flourishing, and secures the existence of pristine jungle for the future.

  • Provide Digital Tools

    We provide indigenous communities with digital technology—hardware and software—as well as, all-band radio transceivers to enable communication with other villages located throughout the Amazon jungle.

In addition, Ecoagents provides indigenous peoples educational tools to start profitable, eco-friendly businesses, which help community members support their families and pay for post-elementary education. These businesses, such as supplying cosmetic ingredients, operate within and maintain tribal, ancestral traditions that have been practiced for thousands of years. Based on “nature-centric survival methods,” the businesses allow Amazonian communities to maintain their harmony-with-the-forest way of life, while preserving the rainforest for future generations.