The Pink Flamingos Project

The environmental work of the Ecoagents® non-profit organization in South America is now extending to the enchanted islands of the Galápagos, located in the Pacific Ocean 600 miles from the South American continent. We are proud to announce our newest involvement, The Pink Flamingo Project, protecting endangered species such as the Pink Flamingos throughout the Galápagos Islands, where our founders, Fabian Lliguin and Anna Ayers, are personally involved with protecting the species known by their scientific name Phoenicopterus ruber.

They do this work themselves, and also ensure the ongoing participation by the locals, through hands-on cleaning and clearing of trash including plastic bottles and debris carried by the ocean tides and washed ashore into the lagoons, which is the natural habitat of the flamingos. These lagoons are dispersed throughout the Galápagos archipelago and these cleanup efforts ensure their immediate protection, by detoxifying the habitat — thereby improving the feeding and breeding areas where the Galápagos American Flamingoes have lived for hundreds of years.



  • There are three reasons why these ongoing cleanup efforts are needed. First, plastic bottles and other debris travel with the tides and wash ashore into the lagoons –the home of the flamingos. Second, this debris also contaminates their breeding areas and can impact their reproductive cycles.  Third, the trash build-up interrupts the natural flow of the food and water supply that are integral parts of the Flamingo diet. 

  • This contamination naturally creates devastating effects on the continued breeding of the species, and on its food sources. Our work is to ensure the elimination of debris from the lagoons thus helping the propagation of this beautiful species.

These efforts are made possible by an annual donation of up to $10,000 by Amazon Beauty® from the sales of its new Rahua Enchanted Island Salt SprayThe local women and men who are fortunate enough to call the Galápagos Islands their own backyard, are hired and paid to do the cleanup efforts thereby keeping the flamingos’ habitat clean, while bringing much-needed income and pride to the locals.

Our future plans include the continued expansion of these cleanup efforts and to allocate more funds to this project and to many more initiatives in the Galápagos. Stay tuned!