Ecoagents is a nonprofit organization founded in 2004, created to defend and protect the untouched natural areas of the world from damage, pollution, and further destruction, with a special focus on the Amazon Rainforest, its people, and ancient culture.

Our founder and director Fabian Lliguin began helping the people of the rainforest in the 1990’s prior to establishing Ecoagents. At that time, he provided educational training to indigenous communities in the Ecuadoran province of Napo, located along the Curaray and Pastaza rivers, deep in the Amazon Rainforest

The focus of Ecoagents has now extended to many Amazonian nationalities including the Achuar, Saparas, Waorani and Quichua, Shuar, tribes among others

  • Fabian Lliguin, Founder

    Fabian is a native Ecuadorian of Incan descendant with a deep-rooted relationship to the Amazon Rainforest and its Indigenous communities.

    The catalyst for founding Ecoagents was a very personal experience, which emphasized to Fabian the very real and current threats facing this invaluable section of the Earth.

    As a child, Fabian’s family visited the area near Shell, a town located in central Ecuador. While there, they discovered a natural pool of water, carved from a solid rock and created by Mother Nature. Two natural streams fed the pool—one pure, cool, and crystal clear, originating in the Andes, and the second contained warm mineral water from a volcanic hot spring. The blend created a lukewarm pool, surrounded by a colorful variety of orchids, plants, exotic fruit and other trees, and beautiful birds.

    The young Indians of the local village also treasured the pool, and made it their own recreational “spot.” It was a picture perfect paradise. While enjoying the pool, the young Fabian fell in love with the beauty and life of the rainforest.

    In his 20s, Mr. Lliguin returned to the spot so cherished in his childhood memories, only to find the pool filled with concrete and surrounded by dust and dry land. This peaceful piece of paradise unfortunately lay in the way of progress. An oil company’s heavily trafficked work-road now ran directly through the center of the natural pool. The land and wildlife were completely destroyed, and the indigenous people pushed out. It was a sad and monumental day for Fabian. At that moment, he made a commitment to preserving the Amazon Rainforest for the people who lived there and As an Visionary and a Ecoagent. Fabian created new ecological concepts, for the benefit and safety of the environment and for the safety of medicine and cosmetic plants for the future.

  • Anna Ayers, Vice President

    Anna Ayers is the current CEO of Rahua by Amazon Beauty, an organic hair and skin care brand with worldwide distribution. She has a background in fashion design and previously worked as a trend forecaster with major enterprises such as Talbots and Trend Union.

    Anna’s career with Ecoagents began in 2004. Working in the Amazon jungle as well as the concrete jungle of New York City, Anna has developed new ecological concepts in the quest to preserve the Amazon Rainforest, its people, and ancient cultures.

    Through Ecoagents, she helps educate indigenous tribes about their land rights and legal benefits, so they have the knowledge to protect themselves, their lifestyle, the Amazon Rainforest, and ultimately preserve Earth’s future.

    “True beauty in life is undeniable—beauty is designed by nature—true beauty lies in the Amazon,” states Anna.

    As more and more corporations “go green,” Anna predicts a shift toward the increased use of raw ingredients and materials. A large percentage of these materials will be harvested sustainably from the jungle in the Amazon.


Ecoagents works closely with LAND IS LIFE, an NGO dedicating to defending the right for self-determination of indigenous peoples. Every April and May, the two organizations work together to support representatives attending the Indigenous Peoples Forum at the United Nations in New York, helping them to defend their land as well as human rights. Anywhere on earth where indigenous groups’ rights are challenged and face potential annihilation, Ecoagents  and land is life provides support for defending the right to self-determination and protection of ancestral homelands.