Be Eco-Friendly

For many, many years, humans exploited Mother Earth in the name of progress and it’s profitable benefits.  Contaminating nature was not our objective, but in the past, we didn’t know the effect of progress on the environment.

However, now we know. Today, we can no longer ignore the environmental damage. It’s time to learn from the recent past and start cleaning up our act, either, little by little, or, if you are ready, fully commit to eco-change. Just do it; you write the rules; become an eco-warrior.

Let’s clean the environment and relieve our consciences. Humans are the only self-aware creatures on the earth; be aware and exercise your natural and animal rights. After all, humans are the most brilliant members of the animal kingdom—as the alpha species, we have a great responsibility.


“Every little thing that we use and trash right after was taken away from nature; it did destroy nature in one way or another.”  -Fabian Lliguin

  • Consider a fresh approach—adopt an eco-conscious lifestyle. By doing so, each individual immediately contributes to stopping the damage and destruction of nature. The future of humanity depends on us; promptly adopt an eco-conscious lifestyle—one of the coolest and healthiest lifestyle codes to live by.

    STEP 1:  ECO-MORALITY – Live with a constant awareness of the effects of your daily actions upon the environment. In order for the planet to support life in the future, we must adopt an eco-moral conscience. All other creatures in the animal kingdom unconsciously practice eco-morality. Why not humans? Every individual in the world has the power to impact a worldwide trend of positive eco-behavior.

    STEP 2:  CHOOSE DURABILITY OVER EASY DISPOSAL – Any time you need to acquire or buy something, make a conscious and educated choice with the intention of using the object for a long time. Choose an object that you can use again and again, and maybe pass on to your children and grandchildren. This way, you will get a lot of mileage out of your purchase. Choose something that will make you proud of your efforts to save the natural resources of the planet, something that will contribute to reversing the destruction of the Earth, and something that will help shake off the label of the “disposable generation.”

    STEP 3:  RE-USE YOUR PLASTICS – Give multiple lives to all plastic items. Plastic is a petroleum product and when it is trashed and tossed back into the earth, it disrupts the natural regeneration of the soil, making that area infertile forever.

    STEP 4:  STOP JUNK MAIL –  Call the sender of the junk mail and ask to be removed from their mailing lists. Contact credit bureaus, such as Equifax, TransUnion, and Experian, and “opt out” of address sharing. Call credit card companies and replace your mailing address with an email address. Choose online banking, go paperless.

    STEP 5:  DRIVE LESS – Choose driving alternatives—walking, biking, carpooling, and mass transit. You’ll reduce carbon dioxide emission by one pound for every mile you don’t drive.

    STEP 6:  RECYCLE – Take responsibility for recycling paper, plastic, aluminum, and glass.

    STEP 7:  USE LESS ENERGY – Conserve hot water, take shorter showers, and lower the thermostat.

    STEP 8:  PLANT A FRUIT TREE – Create a new source of oxygen by planting a fruit tree and then take a deep breath.

    STEP 9:  PLANT VEGETABLES – Reduce food packaging by planting your own vegetables, and enjoy healthy meals.

    STEP 10-: ECO-TO-GO: When ordering food for delivery, opt for Eco-To-Go options and/or request no plastic utensils or serving trays. Plastic utensils generally end up unused in the trash.

“Plastic Love” –Video Credits

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