• Digital Education

    A major effort of Ecoagents is to set up computer centers (computer labs) in the villages found deep in the Amazonian tribal peoples’ heartland, providing the necessary computer hardware and software. We fly in computers and electrical generators, and offer computer training to benefit the entire community but particularly the millennial age group. Forming a new tribal generation, the millennials quickly achieve computer competence and use digital tools to help sustain the forest and jungle. In addition, this technical acumen supports community efforts to document the bounty of the jungle environment. Tribal communities are creating a robust digital image and text library about the rainforest’s abundant medicinal and cosmetic plants, handmade organic ingredients, and rare animals and insets. This library, combined with the communities’ specialized knowledge of the rainforest’s flora and fauna, will allow tribal people to develop advanced ways of managing and protecting the rainforest and prevent exploitation of its medicinal and cosmetic ingredients.

  • Intellectual Property & Ancestral Rights

    As part of its mission to preserve the Amazon Rainforest by empowering the indigenous communities, Ecoagents educates native communities about their property and intellectual rights through lectures, classes, workshops, and meetings.

    The objective is to create a fair dialogue between the native tribes and global corporations. To that end, tribal peoples learn how to exercise their human, intellectual, ancestral, and environmental rights in order to protect the jungle and its trees, animals, plants, and microscopic life, some of which are unknown to the scientific community.

  • Educating From Jungle to Jungle

    Ecoagents educates people in the cities as well, with the intent that modern, destructive patterns may be mitigated and even reversed. It is Ecoagents’ mission and the duty of every human to ensure that the Rainforest remains healthy for generations to come.

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Intercommunication Between Villages

Ecoagents provides two-way radios to participating villages, which enables them to immediately share information and alert each other about potential dangers, which may save lives. Contrary to the past, when it could take years and sometimes generations to share knowledge among villages, this immediate communication gives the Amazonian communities a clear sense of belonging to a larger organization.

Experience reinforced by research has shown Ecoagents that helping tribal people to use their innate knowledge and traditional practices to preserve rainforest lands is beneficial to the environment, indigenous communities, and the world. The indigenous tribes of the Amazon have co-existed with the flora and fauna of the forests for thousands of year and know how to properly sustain and manage the jungle ecosystem. They are the keepers of the rainforest, which benefits all inhabitants of the planet. For their efforts to remain productive, indigenous Amazonian peoples need effective ongoing communication between the many village communities spread throughout the jungle.